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Tue Apr 18 20:33:33 UTC 2006

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Michal Vaner (Vorner) wrote:
> Dne ned?le 09 duben 2006 03:59 Trejkaz napsal(a):
>> On 09/04/2006, at 01:09 AM, Julien PUYDT wrote:
>>> Peter Saint-Andre a écrit :
>>>> IMHO it might be best to do this using Jingle.
>>> Hmmm... I didn't read the jingle jeps, but there is quite a
>>> difference between an audio/video stream used in a communication
>>> and a file.
>> There is only one difference, AFAIK.  In the case of a file transfer,
>> all the bytes have to come in order, whereas in the case of a media
>> stream, some loss of data is acceptable.
> There is another one. TCP connection sometimes 'gets stuck' somewhere, when 
> there are packet losses. It recoveres after some time, which is OK for a 
> file, but waiting half a minute in the voice is quite unwanted.
> However, when you transfer a file, you probably want to use all the available 
> line you have (which is hard doing with UDP, but possible) and you want not 
> to waste the line, so you need to know the optimal size of packets to 
> transfer, which is imposible to detect from unprivileged application and is 
> imposible using UDP, you would need raw packets for this.

Agreed. But Jingle is not tied to UDP -- we could definitely have a TCP
transport a la JEP-0065 or whatever. But it hasn't been defined yet.


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