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Thu Apr 20 22:14:45 UTC 2006

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Ralph Meijer wrote:
> On Wed, Apr 12, 2006 at 09:18:52AM -0600, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
>> [..]
>>> - In the #owner namespace, we have 'affiliates', where the bare
>>>   namespace has 'affiliations'. Is that intentional?
>> Yes, it was intentional. But if it's confusing, we can make them
>> consistent. My thought was that a user has affiliations, whereas a node
>> owner is managing not his or her own affiliations but the entities that
>> are affiliated with the node (i.e., "affiliates").
> I don't find it confusing, they /are/ conceptually different views, one
> from the p.o.v. of the user for all nodes at that service, the other for
> all affiliates of a particular node. However, you are not really dealing
> with the affiliates, but managing their affiliations. See also my
> comments about subscribers vs. subscriptions below.
>> [..]
>>> - I think we lose the ability have the owner manage subscriptions.  This
>>>   could be readded by introducing the subscriptions element in the
>>>   #owner namespace. I suppose if the naming of 'affiliates' was
>>>   intentional, you could name this 'subscribers'.
>> Yes, that ability was lost. Do we need it? If so, we can add it back in.
> First off, 'subscribers' might not be a good idea. Any JID can have
> multiple subscriptions, and you would have to introduce another layer in
> the protocol:
>   <subscriptions>
>     <subscriber jid='user at example.com'>
>       <subscription ... />
>       <subscription ... />
>     </subscriber>
>     ...
>   </subscriptions>
> Just managing loose subscriptions is probably easier.

Yes, I've modified the text accordingly.

> The functionality could be viewed as having two parts:
> - Getting the list of subscriptions to a certain node.
>   Unlike 1.7, there is now no way to do this. I think it is important
>   to have protocol for this.
> - Modifying the list of subscriptions to a certain node.
>   Here, you can use <subscribe/>, <unsubscribe/> and <options/>
>   unmodified. The service just needs to check the authorization
>   properly. However you don't have batch processing.
> Compare <owner:subscriptions/> to managing the list of subscriptions of a
> mailinglist in mailman. It is very nice to be able to add/remove
> subscribers in bulk or manage other aspects, but probably not critical.

Check 1.8pre15 and see if it addresses your concerns.

> The schema has minOccurs='0' for create, which should be '1' since we
> moved the sole configure to the owner namespace. 


> Also, I'm not sure
> how to do that in the schema, but does it convey that you can't mix for
> example <items/> and <unsubscribe/> in one request?



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