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Fri Apr 21 16:42:05 UTC 2006

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Suneel T Chandra wrote:
> Hi,
>   In section 7.1 of 045 JEP, (before example 70) we have the following
> description :
> "A MUC client that receives such a message MAY choose to display an
> in-room message; the body of such in-room messages SHOULD NOT be
> generated by the sending client or the service, so as to ensure correct
> localization (however, the sending client or service MAY generate the
> body if desired). The in-room message could be something like the
> following:"
> This seems contradictory - on one hand we are specifying SHOULD NOT for
> sending a body from sending client/service and yet immediately after ,
> it is specified that it MAY generate the same.
> Am I correct in assuming that it is not expected to send the body but
> the MAY condition is around for legacy reasons ?
> If not , this seems a bit confusing - any clarification would be great.

SHOULD NOT = MAY so it's not contradictory, but I agree that it's
confusing. I've changed it to read:

   A MUC client that receives such a message MAY choose to
   display an in-room message, such as the following:

   Example 70. Client Displays Room Subject Change Message

   * secondwitch has changed the subject to: Fire Burn and
     Cauldron Bubble!


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