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Mon Apr 24 18:04:50 UTC 2006

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A while back I went through the entire list of Experimental JEPs and
commented on them here. At that time I promised to review the JEP list
more often but it hasn't happened. So I'm going to institute a personal
policy of reviewing the JEP list every two weeks or so, usually right
before the Jabber Council meeting (the next meeting is tomorrow).

The following JEPs currently in the Experimental state have not been
updated in 6+ months:

JEP-0142 - Workgroups
JEP-0151 - Virtual Presence
JEP-0150 - Use of Entity Tags in XMPP Extensions
JEP-0008 - IQ-Based Avatars
JEP-0152 - Reachability Addresses
JEP-0159 - SPIM-Blocking Control
JEP-0158 - Robot Challenges
JEP-0161 - SPIM Reporting

In accordance with JEP-0001 those JEPs need to be changed from
Experimental to Deferred, and I will do that today. Not that there's
anything wrong with Deferred JEPs -- all it means is that the JEP
authors got busy and haven't updated the JEP in 6 months. Plus the
automatic deferral for inactivity provides a good incentive for authors
to keep their JEPs current or move them forward in the standards
process, so I see no reason not to follow JEP-0001 in this regard (I
authored or co-authored three of the JEPs listed above, so I apply the
same policy to myself).



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