[Standards-JIG] Invisibility , multiple resources and priority. (JEP 0126)

Mridul Muralidharan mridul at sun.com
Mon Apr 24 18:57:25 UTC 2006


  Need some clarification regarding invisibility as defined in JEP 0126 and multiple resources with different priorities.
Consider the following usecase :

userA : usera at domain/hiP and usera at domain/lowP : different resources and hiP having higher priority than lowP.
userB : userb at domain/someP

Suppose userA at domain/hiP set's the profile "invisible to everyone" as active ,
1) Which resource of userA should get the packets to the bare jid usera at domain (roster addition , etc) ?
2) Can hiP's actual presence be queried by lowP through a presence probe ? (same user - different resource).

Q1 above when userA/hiP is invisible only to userB (privacy profile : invisible to all not in roster).

Reason behind question :
Server's are expected to find most available resource based first and foremost on the priority.
In this case , hiP has a higher priority though it is invisible.
If hiP is specifically set to invisible (and so potentially away) , all broadcasted packets to the barejid never reach lowP though to the 'external world' (not of {server , hiP} (assuming Q2 above is not possible) ) it is lowP that is the most available resource.
Workaround of lowering priority when going invisible wont work 'cos of privacy profile targetting specific subset of users.

The question is essentially for only handling packets to the barejid (priority used to determine the most available resource).
I guess this maybe related to the discussion which happened earlier - how to flag the most available resource explictly.

RTFM's welcome !


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