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Maciek Niedzielski machekku at uaznia.net
Wed Apr 26 19:47:25 UTC 2006

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Michal vorner Vaner wrote:
> On Wed, Apr 26, 2006 at 07:59:03PM +0200, Maciek Niedzielski wrote:
>> Michal vorner Vaner wrote:
>>> Well, with whings, you detect the death to drop it by server and keep it
>>> forever. However, the timeout on the tcp level is really big (tested on
>>> a real, quite used server, it was 15 minutes).
>> I remember that.. hmm.. 2 years ago I left my session on jabber.org on
>> Saturday, and when I returned from holidays on Wednesday, it was still
>> active...
> And did you left the client running?

Sorry, I just noticed that "I left my session" doesn't mean what I
wanted to say.
As far as I can remember, my internet connection was lost (or the client
crashed) and I had no time to reconnect and properly disconnect.

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