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Dave Cridland wrote:
> On Wed Apr 26 07:55:18 2006, Jacek Konieczny wrote:
>> > In general, hop-by-hop reliability is only a problem in as much as
>> it > can be difficult to know whether the connection is still alive.
>> ... and when it become dead, so the application is able to tell the user
>> which messages could be lost. We could save some bandwith by not trying
>> too keep exact account of stanzas delivered to link peer, but
>> application should be able to detect which stanzas were delivered for
>> sure and which could be lost. And the number of "probably lost" stanzas
>> should never be too big, so there is no need to buffer too much (stanzas
>> sent) on application side.
> Exactly, hence my suggestion. Something like the client sending:
> <message from="foo at example.org" to="bar at example.net" ack:seq="25"/>

Why not just this?

<message from="foo at example.org" to="bar at example.net" id="25"/>

We already have the 'id' attribute. Just include the sequence number in
every stanza you generate and increment by 1 for each stanza.

> There's also no need to send an ack:seq attribute on every stanza - a
> client need only send them on the last stanza in a pipelined set, or
> might choose not to send them on idempotent iq stanzas. I doubt that
> kind of thinking is worth the effort, but it's possible.

I think it's easier to include the 'id' on every stanza and away we go.


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