[Standards-JIG] Re: WHACK

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Thu Apr 27 08:53:59 UTC 2006

> My model certainly isn't perfect - for instance, if the dead session 
> times out, and the receiver forgets about it before the sender can 
> reconnect, then it's still unknown whether the last stanzas need 
> resending or not. In its defense, this would need to be around 20 
> minutes at least, by which point the messages may not be valid 
> anymore, and the user certainly needs to be notified.
The best thing to do if you detect a socket has timed out and you have 
some message that may not have been delivered that are buffered up is to 
simply deal with them as if they are messages received while off-line, 
there is no need to add all the complexity in to deal with quick 
reconnection's and the like, so if there are other resources available 
messages will be forwarded to them otherwise they will be stored 
off-line, and any directed IQs will be bounced back to sender.


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