[Standards-JIG] Converting One-to-One into Conference

Antonio Cano damas antonio at igestec.com
Sun Apr 30 17:31:53 UTC 2006

Hello list,

I'm coding for Coccinella client the support of converting a one-to-one
chat into muc conference, but I've got some questions :/

In third step the jep says to send an invitation to the second person
and the third person, including a <continue/> flag. There is no
description of the meaning for this flag :(, then I understand that it
is intended for make to know the client application that invite comes
from this  1to1 converting proccess and then join to the room
automatically without ask to the user. With that in mind two questions
comes to me.

     1. Is there some server that support this flag? I try with wildfire
and ejabberd but both removes the tag on the messages that I send. These
are the messages that I send and received.

SEND: <message to='antoniofcano041202006 at conference.jabber.org'><x
to='antoniofcano at devrieze.dyndns.org'><reason>A por

RECV: <message from='antoniofcano041202006 at conference.jabber.org'
to='antoniofcano at devrieze.dyndns.org' type='normal'><x
from='antoniofcano at jabber.org/coccinella'><reason>A por
tres</reason></invite></x><x xmlns='jabber:x:conference'
jid='antoniofcano041202006 at conference.jabber.org'>A por tres</x></message>

    2. If I suppose right, then the <continue/> tag has to be sent to
the second participant wich I'm talking now but to the third participant
I have to send a normal invite because he can accept or reject the
request. And with this idea in mind the steps for complete the
converting should be something like:
       1) Create and enter into the room
       2) Invite the third participant
       3) If the third member accept invitation
          3.1) Send the History to the room
          3.2) Invite with <continue/> flag to the second member
       4) if reject the invitation
          4.1) Remove the room

Best wishes,
    Antonio F. Cano

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