[Standards-JIG] Service discovery name returned by a client

Matthias Wimmer m at tthias.eu
Sat Dec 2 13:54:35 UTC 2006

Remko Tronçon schrieb:
> Well, you can't put that information in the service discovery request,
> because you will only do a disco request to one contact, and re-use
> that information for all other contacts that use the same client.
> Therefore, to be consistent, the type, category and name should always
> remain the same for every version or ext node.

Well right I quoted a reply to a very for the extension node. But what I
talked about was a disco request to the users full JID but with no node.

> Is there any reason you would want that information in the disco
> reply, and not in places like the user profile ?

As I said: The name attribute is used to pass text, that is displayed by
a human. And I guess, that a human associates with john at example.com/home
not the user's client, but the user.
E.g. if I request a list of active sessions from my server, I see
something like http://web.amessage.info/BrowseExample.png (I moved out
the JIDs of the sessions for privacy reasons). It is unconvenient to get
a list with x-times "Kopete", y-times "Miranda", and z-times "Psi".
Having the user's name there would be much more useful.

Tot kijk

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