[Standards-JIG] Questions regarding XEP-0016

Matthias Wimmer m at tthias.eu
Sun Dec 3 22:39:09 UTC 2006

While implementing XEP-0016 in jabberd14 I had the following questions:

- 2.1 states that storing a privacy list should fail if it contains the
reference to a roster group, that does not exist. A <item-not-found/>
error should be returned in that case.
What should happen if a roster group gets removed after a privacy list
has been stored? Should the item be kept in the privacy list to get
active again when the group is added again, or should this item in the
privacy list get removed if the group is removed from the roster?

- Should groups be matched case-sensitive or case-insensitive? (If we
match insensitive we would have to define a stringprep profile,
therefore I expect we want to do it case-sensitive.) But still doing it
case-insensitive would require such a profile to be used, as there are
characters that can either be composed or be expressed as one unicode
codepoint. So do we just do a byte-by-byte comparison on group names?

- If an iq stanza is sent to a user's JID without a resource (e.g. a
request for a vCard), and the user is online with exactly one session.
Which privacy rule applies? The one of the only active session or the
default list as the stanza is not sent to this session and has no
relation to this session? (If we apply the privacy list of the session,
what happens if the user has two active sessions?)

- If a user, that has set no special active list and that uses the
default list, changes the default list, does this change the active list
for this session as well?

- 2.8 states that removing a non-existant privacy list should result in
a <item-not-found/> error. Is this really required? Can't be deleting
something that does not exist seen as being successful, as it results in
what the client expects: there is no privacy list with the given name.

- What happens if presence has been sent to an entity and this entity is
now added to the active privacy list for get presence-out denied? Should
the server send a <presence type='unavailable'/> before activating the
privacy list? Else the blocked entity will expect the user to be online

- Same as the last thing for incoming presence: Should the server send a
<presence type='unavailable'/> to the user that adds a contact to
privacy list for blocking incoming presences before activating the
privacy list?

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