[Standards-JIG] In order delivery for xep-0047 ?

Mridul mridul at sun.com
Thu Dec 7 16:19:31 UTC 2006

Matthias Wimmer wrote:
> Mridul schrieb:
>> In order processing is required - which need not translate into in 
>> order delivery.
>> And which does not actually translate in case there is heavy load if 
>> using async sockets.
> IMHO delivering messages is part of processing a message. 

No, it is not. That would be in order delivery.
There are protocols and contracts which mandate in order delivery - xmpp 
is not one of them though.

> Not delivering messages in-order has been considered a bug for a long 
> time.
> If you are binding a XMPP stream on a transport protocol, that does 
> not guarantee in-order delivery by itself, your binding would have to 
> ensure the reordering.

I think the assumption here is that in order processing will immediately 
result in in order delivery - which is a simplistic scenario.
Anyway, the point is - since xmpp does not mandate in order delivery : I 
am not sure why 47 is trying to mandate it - especially since seq number 
can be used for message re-ordering in case of out of sync delivery.


> Tot kijk
>    Matthias

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