[Standards-JIG] Problem implementing XEP-0191 / Mapping XEP-0191 on XEP-0016

Jacek Konieczny jajcus at jajcus.net
Tue Dec 12 09:29:20 UTC 2006

On Mon, Dec 11, 2006 at 12:15:34PM -0700, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> I'm not sure exactly how to think about what the block list means in
> terms of privacy lists. Let's say Juliet adds Romeo to her block list.
> >From her perspective, that means she will block all comms with Romeo for
> all time (until and unless she unblocks). I think that is equivalent to
> adding the following item to *all* of her privacy lists:
>    <item type='jid'
>          value='romeo at montague.lit'
>          action='deny'/>

Why not just map block list to one, defined privacy list?  It's name
would be well-known, it contents would be expected (only
type='jid'/action='deny' entries) and clients choosing full privacy-list
interface would just select and modify some other lists. Adding
non-blocklist-compatible  entries to the blocklist privacy-list would
cause undefined behaviour, but this would be a single case for which
there could be exception added even in clients not implementing block


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