[Standards-JIG] In order delivery for xep-0047 ?

Mridul mridul at sun.com
Fri Dec 15 13:06:16 UTC 2006

Matthias Wimmer wrote:
> Hi Mridul!
> Mridul schrieb:
>>> Regarding IBB: XMPP guarantees stanza order, but it does not guarantee
>>> stanza delivery to occur.
>> I am not sure of this - if you are in the middle of a transfer, why
>> would a stanza not get delivered ?
> Most common case today: The connection between two servers get
> unavailable for a short time (e.g. internet routing problem), but gets
> available again.

Then server will queue the stanza's for later delivery , or server 
return's destination unreachable error to client.
Hence, in this specific usecase, first will result in ibb proceeding 
while second will result in termination.

> Tot kijk
>     Matthias

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