[Standards-JIG] DEFERRED: XEP-0171 (Language Translation)

Boyd Fletcher boyd.fletcher at je.jfcom.mil
Fri Dec 15 19:13:09 UTC 2006

yes. we would like to move it to the next step.

you can download an implementation of it in our client at

>On Fri, 2006-12-15 at 09:46 -0500, Boyd Fletcher wrote:
>> We would like to move it back to experimental. We have a working
>> implementation and their are several others that are work on ones as well.
>> Just because  the XEP isn't changing doesn't mean there is a lack of
>> interest.
>Hi Boyd,
>We have a defined process for XEPs, which you can read about in
>XEP-0001. For a spec to come out of Deferred it either needs to be
>changed to reflect new insights (new revision), or submitted to the
>Council for review to move to Draft status. In the latter case, if the
>Council doesn't object, there will be a Last Call and then the Council
>will vote on the XEP.
>If you say the spec is good as is, you can try the latter.

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