[Standards-JIG] Pubsub questions

Matt Tucker matt at jivesoftware.com
Wed Feb 1 21:55:26 UTC 2006

Hey all,

I have three more pubsub questions to pile on (in addition to the two
from an original email posted to jdev). Many thanks for your help! 



1) Why is there a difference in the error codes returned when failing to
create a leaf node vs a collection node? Section 8.1.2 "Create a New
Node" says about leaf nodes:

"If the pubsub service does not support node creation, or the requesting
JID does not have authorization to create nodes, the pubsub service MUST
respond with a <feature-not-implemented/> error."

Section 9.3 "Creating New Collection Nodes" says:

"If a service does not allow new collection nodes to be created, it MUST
respond with a <not-allowed/> error. If the requesting entity has
insufficient privileges to create new collections, the service MUST
respond with a <not-allowed/> error."

Should I just ignore the discrepancy and implement the way the JEP
specifices or is this something that should be cleaned up?

2) When creating a node affiliated with a collection, how should the
"pubsub#collections" field be used? Should it contain a value for each
node in the hierarchy or should it just have one value with the nodeID
of the parent node? If the latter, should the field type still be

3) How should the server treat the fields "fielpubsub#collection" and
"pubsub#node_type" (that specify whether the node is a leaf or
collection) when creating a new node and including a node configuration
request in the same IQ element? What happens when those values are in
conflict with the type attribute in the <create> element?  

>From 9.3 Creating New Collection Nodes

"To create a new node which is a collection node, the requesting entity
MUST specify a type of "collection" when asking the service to create
the node."

>From 8.1.2 Create a New Node

"Implementations SHOULD allow node creation requests to contain a node
configuration request in the same IQ element."

> Hello all,
> A couple of pubsub questions:
> 1) In section "14.4.3 pubsub#node_config FORM_TYPE" the 
> fields "pubsub#collection" and "pubsub#node_type" are 
> defined. They both seem to be asking the same question -- 
> whether a node is a leaf or a collection. What's the 
> difference between the two fields? Should one be used over another?
> 2) The standard data form has options to set the node type to 
> either be a collection or leaf (see question #1). So... is it 
> legal to change a node from a leaf to a collection or vice 
> vera after it's been created?
> If this isn't allowed, what error code should be returned -- 
> <forbidden/>? Switching the node type could be a pretty 
> expensive operation. 
> Thanks!
> -Matt

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