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Matt Tucker matt at jivesoftware.com
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Many thanks for your answers to my previous pubsub questions. A few new
ones after reading through the new pubsub version:

1) What's the difference between JID and entity and/or not authorized
vs. prohibited in the following cases?

"If the service does not support node creation, or the requesting JID
does not have authorization to create nodes, the service MUST respond
with a <feature-not-implemented/> error"

"If the requesting entity is prohibited from creating nodes, the service
MUST respond with a <forbidden/> error"

2) Section "6.1 Subscribe to a Node" says:

"The service MUST also send the last published item to the new
subscriber (note that in this case the IQ-result is sent to the full JID
whereas the message notification is sent to the bare JID that

Question: does this also apply to nodes that are not using persistent
published items? If yes, then nodes not using persistent published items
should still always persist the last published item?

3) Users can subscribe to the Root Collection Node just like any other
node. So, if the Root Collection Node is a special type of Node then is
it also possible to configure the Root Collection Node? If yes, then how
can we distinguish a "8.3 Request Default Configuration Options" from a
"Get the root collection node configuration" request? What error should
we return if an owner (i.e. a sysadmin) tries to delete the Root
Collection Node?

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> Matt Tucker wrote:
> > 1) Why is there a difference in the error codes returned 
> when failing 
> > to create a leaf node vs a collection node? Section 8.1.2 "Create a 
> > New Node" says about leaf nodes:
> Not sure, I'll check that in my provisional copy. Can't 
> remember if I fixed that or not.
> I think I answered the other two in my reply on the JDEV list.
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