[Standards-JIG] httpbind RID attribute and schema inconsistancies

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Thu Feb 2 21:10:05 UTC 2006

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Oops, I posted about this but not in this thread. I checked in some
proposed changes here:



Peter Millard wrote:
> The second to last paragraph of section 8 of JEP-124 says:
> <blockquote>
> The client MUST generate a large positive non-zero random integer for
> the first 'rid' and then increment that value by one for each
> subsequent request.
> </blockquote>
> This seems inconsistent with the schema which labels the rid attribute
> as an xsd:string :( During implementation, we are trying to figure out
> what datatype to use, and noticed that the text said int (which
> usually means a signed 32 bit integer) but the schema says string,
> which is clearly inappropriate. To further complicate matters, in
> example 1, the rid attribute contains a value of '3197423130', which
> exceeds the allowable value of '2147483648' which is the max signed
> int size on most 32 bit platforms. It does fit into unsigned int which
> typically has a max value of '4294967296'.
> Can we clarify if rid is supposed to be an unsigned int via schema,
> and possibly adjust the examples to reflect slightly smaller rid
> values?

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