[Standards-JIG] Presence priority Question

Hal Rottenberg halr9000 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 3 13:30:06 UTC 2006

On 2/2/06, Venkat Mani <venkat.m at geodesiconline.com> wrote:
> case. I have used pandion, gaim and mundu(native implementation)  to test
> out the same.

I have got to know--what PDA OS are you programming this for?

> This implies that any message sent to xyz at server will ALWAYS be sent by the
> 'server' to the user logged in from 'home' resource assuming that xyz is
> present and available at 'home' since it has the highest priority. This
> might not guarantee that the message is delivered to the right resource, the
> user may be on the move and only messages sent to xyz at server/pda will reach
> the user instantly.

Then the PDA needs to have the higher priority.

> The problem is compounded by the fact that most client
> implementations (eg pandio,gaim) do not have a provision to allow users to
> set their presence priorities and it is left to the client implementation to
> set the same.

Yup.  Are there any that do?  This has been a proposed feature in Psi
for some time.  The proposed solution would be for the idle timer to
not only change a person's status (e.g. Away (as a result of idle)),
but also lower the priority.

So have your PDA set to 5
Home set to 8
Home when idle set to <5

> Should it be left to client implementations to figure out from which
> resource a user is currently active by sending a message to each and every
> available resource from which he is connected ? .Or should it be the

I think that would be "evil".

> server's prerogative to send the message stanza to all connected resources
> having priority greater than or equal to 0 ? . If the answer is no on both

You said it yourself.  "The server MAY use some other rule."

> counts ,should there be a guideline for client implementations on setting
> presence priorities?

You could also address this with client or server rules to forward
messages.  I think there's a prototype or experimental JEP on clients
doing this.

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