[Standards-JIG] More pubsub questions

Matt Tucker matt at jivesoftware.com
Fri Feb 3 15:57:33 UTC 2006

Hello all,

First, the new pubsub draft is looking great. It's a lot clearer than
the older versions. However, a few more questions about the spec:

1) What error should we return when "Creating Nodes Associated with a
Collection" and the provided nodeID of the parent node does not exist?
Should we return an item-not-found error in this case?

2) What error should we return if the specified parent node ID is a leaf
node? Is a not_acceptable error correct?

3) Should the pubsub#current_approver field be of type jid-multi since
it can only contain JIDs?

4) Field pubsub#title is present in "15.4.3 pubsub#node_config" and
"15.4.4 pubsub#meta-data" forms. Is this correct?

5) Some fields present in the pubsub#meta-data form can be automatically
completed (e.g. pubsub#creator and pubsub#creation_date). However, other
fields need to be manually configured. What is the proper way to set
that information? IMHO, we could provide such information as part of the
pubsub#node_config form. Maybe that's the reason why the field
pubsub#title is present in both forms?


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