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Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Fri Feb 3 22:01:12 UTC 2006

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Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> Matt Tucker wrote:
>>> Hello all,
>>> First, the new pubsub draft is looking great. It's a lot clearer than
>>> the older versions. However, a few more questions about the spec:
>>> 1) What error should we return when "Creating Nodes Associated with a
>>> Collection" and the provided nodeID of the parent node does not exist?
>>> Should we return an item-not-found error in this case?
> Yes.
>>> 2) What error should we return if the specified parent node ID is a leaf
>>> node? Is a not_acceptable error correct?
> Yes.

Alternatively, the service could provide a list of the collection nodes
(via list-single) so that the owner of the leaf node can't go far wrong
(the node is guaranteed to exist and is guaranteed to be a collection
node). That seems like a smart way to go.

Another potential problem: permissions. How does the service know that I
have sufficient privileges to associate my leaf node with your
collection node? Attaching my nasty leaf node to your nice collection
node would be a fun way to introduce some pubsub spam. :-)

Presumably we also need to specify a way for the owner of a collection
node to de-associate a leaf node from the collection.

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