[Standards-JIG] Multiple groups question.

Etan Reisner deryni at eden.rutgers.edu
Fri Feb 3 22:17:34 UTC 2006

In working out a bug someone was seeing today we discovered that their 
roster had ended up with an item like this in it.

<item jid='foo at example.com' 

This was causing the client to show the buddy twice, which had 
originally been interpreted as a bug in the client. We debated for a 
while as to what the correct thing for the client to do in that 
situation was, but didn't really come to any good conclusions. We were 
torn between saying that the client should only show the buddy once 
regardless of how many times the group appears in the roster item (to 
prevent people from being confused by duplicates) and honoring the fact 
that they might have gotten put into that situation on purpose.

So the question is does anything anywhere comment on this? I didn't see 
anything in any of the places I looked. The closest thing I saw was the 
text in section 7.1 of RFC3921 which says that the "XML character data 
of the <group/> element is opaque" which would seem to rule out a server 
inspecting the data to ensure that no duplicate entries were added. That 
leaves the correctness of adding a duplicate group open as well as 
best practice for handling duplicate groups open. (I looked in JEP-0162 
but didn't see anything there either.)

Any comments, sections I missed, etc. would be very welcome.


P.S. Don't hurt me too much if I missed something obvious somewhere. =) 
I learned a lot of this stuff on the fly so I've got lots of holes to 
fill in.

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