[Standards-JIG] Question on PubSub leased subscriptions

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Fri Feb 3 23:39:28 UTC 2006

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Something like that seems quite sensible. I'll work it into the draft
document soon. Also some examples would be helpful in that section and
in the section on content-based subscriptions. I'm trying to live up to
my motto: "We put the example in example.com!" :-)

Jean-Louis Seguineau wrote:
> As no-one has taken to answer my previous post, I will reformulate the
> question. The 12.12 Implementing Time-Based Subscriptions (Leases) section
> describes how leased subscriptions should be handled. In itself this section
> allow much freedom to the implementers.
> The section properly describe how one can specify a TTL associated with a
> particular subscription, and how to refresh the TTL value in due time. But
> the section fail short in describing how the subscription expiration event
> should be conveyed back to the subscriber. 
> The deterministic nature of XMPP and the preference for 'complex servers and
> simple client' requires that changes in states are properly conveyed to
> subscribers. And lease expiration is an important change of state.
> Question remain on how to indicate the lease expiration in the event
> message. Trying to remain consitent with the JEP, can we envisage something
> like:
> <message from='pubsub.shakespeare.lit' to='francisco at denmark.lit' id='foo'>
>   <event xmlns='http://jabber.org/protocol/pubsub#event'/>
>   <headers xmlns='http://jabber.org/protocol/shim'>
>     <header name='pubsub#subid'>123-abc</header>
>     <header name='pubsub#expired'>2006-02-02T02:56:15Z</header>
>   </headers>
> </message>
> The only required changes are the inclusion of the example in the 12.12
> section and the addition of a SHIM header definition.
> Jean-Louis
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> Subject: PubSub leased subscriptions
> While we are revising the jep-60, I would like to get the experts answer on
> lease based subscriptions. There is a mention of optional
> leased-subscription support that can be implemented by a pubsub service. The
> way to specify a lease time is quickly described in 12.12.
> What would be the correct way to notify the subscription lease's expiration?
> I suppose that according to the JEP we would send a notification <message>
> with probably the last known published state, but how would we declare the
> fact that the subscription has actually expired? What construct would we
> use?
> Jean-Louis
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