[Standards-JIG] pubsub: multiple inheritance?

Peter Millard pgmillard at gmail.com
Mon Feb 6 15:57:38 UTC 2006

I like allowing the multiple parents, but am fine with this change and
leaving the detail up to implementors. Do we need a disco#info feature
for this then as well?


On 2/2/06, Peter Saint-Andre <stpeter at jabber.org> wrote:
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> The current version of JEP-0060 states that a leaf node may belong to
> multiple collections and that the "pubsub#collection" x:data field MUST
> be of type "text-multi" (so that the node owner can associate the leaf
> with multiple collections). This essentially mandates multiple
> inheritance for nodes and therefore introduces increased complexity for
> implementors. Personally I think this is not a good idea. However, I
> think it would be best to leave this up to the implementation. Therefore
> I would propose the following:
> 1. An implementation MAY allow a leaf node to be associated with more
> than one collection node and therefore MAY specify a type of
> "text-multi" for the "pubsub#collection" field.
> 2. However, it is RECOMMENDED to allow only one parent collection node
> for each leaf node and therefore it is RECOMMENDED to specify a type of
> "text-single" for the "pubsub#collection" field.
> Thoughts?
> Peter

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