[Standards-JIG] pubsub tracking proto-JEP

Kevin Smith kevin at kismith.co.uk
Mon Feb 6 21:48:43 UTC 2006

On 6 Feb 2006, at 21:00, Bob Wyman wrote:

> Peter Saint-Andre wrote on 12-Dec-2005:
>> FYI, Magnus Henoch has sent me a new version of the pubsub tracking
>> proto-JEP:
>> http://www.jabber.org/jeps/inbox/pubsub-tracking.html
> 	My apologies for responding so slowly...
> 	It strikes me that this proto-JEP is unnecessary. What we do at
> PubSub.com is support discovery of outstanding subscriptions via an
> affiliations query.

The problem with this is that you need to query every server on which  
you are subscribed to nodes. So then you try and work out what  
servers you have subscriptions on and...bang! you need a tracking  
method :)
It's trivial as long as you limit yourself to one server, although  
it's pretty wasteful even then.


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