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Well, we can simply leave it out of scope for now and perhaps specify
content-based subscriptions in a separate specification. That's probably

Bob Wyman wrote:
> I'm a bit concerned about the fact that you've actually gone ahead and
> defined syntax for content-based filters... Particularly a syntax which is
> as weak as what seems to be implied by your example of 'pubsub#keyword'...
> If you're going to follow this path, then it would probably make sense to
> define something which is actually useful... Given today's tendencies, it
> would seem that what we need is something that relies on XPath or a subset
> of XQuery. Also, since PubSub.com currently implements such a syntax, does
> this mean that we should get our syntax registered?
> In the case of pubsub#keyword:
> 	If the XML stanza that this element is applied to contains more than
> one element (for instance, both a title and a description), which element is
> used for the match?
> 	Can more than one keyword be specified in a pubsub#keyword field?
> 	If the XML Schema type of an element which is to be matched against
> is defined, then would normalization of keywords be permitted in matching?
> For instance, if the interesting element is a floating point number, would
> "1.0" and "1" match? If the type of the field is "date" and the current date
> is 6-Feb, would "yesterday" match against a date of 5-Feb?
> 	It should be noted that keywords will often contain characters that
> cannot be passed in well-formed XML without difficulty. Thus,
> implementations should be prepared to parse CDATA.
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