"presenceability" (was Re: [Standards-JIG] PubSubleased subscriptions)

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Tue Feb 7 17:18:06 UTC 2006

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Bob Wyman wrote:
> Nolan Eakins wrote:
>> What I suggested was that you would send a presence to a pub/sub
>> service, and it would include a list of nodes that you are
>> subscribed to.
> 	You can accomplish the same thing by simply querying the pubsub
> service for your affliations. What benefit do you get by using presence
> instead?
> 	Also, note that a "list of nodes that you are subscribed to" is not
> sufficient information to be useful in all cases. What you need is a list of
> subscriptions not a list of nodes subscribed to. It is possible to be
> subscribed to a single node multiple times with each subscription having
> different subscription options.

Yes, you'd get the list of affiliations, which would include multiple
subscriptions to the same node, differentiated by SubID.

What Nolan is proposing is a shortcut to get your affiliations at pubsub
services across the network. I'm not yet positive we need that, but it's
worth considering.


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