[Standards-JIG] What is a bad reason to reject a JEP?

Akito Nozaki anpluto at usa.net
Thu Feb 9 03:36:54 UTC 2006

Dear Standard List,

I've been reading through some of the archive and I've been seeing some
bad reasons to reject a JEP. Sometimes succeeding in convincing people
that its a valid argument.

1. Its too hard to implement this JEP in my code.
I've seen people complaining about a JEP, because there code isn't setup
to do this.

2. I can't find a free/payed library that implements the JEP.
Lot of the latest or bleeding edge stuff will not have a library

These two are in my mind not a valid reason for shooting a JEP down.

I would like to hear what people think about the issue.


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