[Standards-JIG] Jingle vs. Zoep

Akito Nozaki anpluto at usa.net
Thu Feb 9 04:27:18 UTC 2006

I don't think comparing Jingle with SIP is a very fair comparison. Sip
has been out longer, and it has been implemented by many. Lot of the
issues people have has been solved or on the way to being solved.

Sip has gone through the test stage, and has been re-implemented (Ver
2.0). In comparison this would be...
Sip 1.0 = Jabber XML = test
Sip 2.0 = XMPP RFC = implementation.

I agree with lot of what Dirk is saying about SIP. Sip has been proven
to work in most voip/telecom situation.

What I do not agree with Zoep is that it has all the complex component
of SIP. Jabber already offers reliable connection, reliable p2p
delivery, and for sure others.

As a community, we need to figure out what Jingle is here to do.

If the answer is replace "SIP", then I don't think Jingle is at the
maturity level to compare with SIP. I have posted basic issues for
Jingle that is still open and never got answered.

If the purpose of Jingle is to implement simple p2p VOIP, then comparing
Jingle to Zoep is probably not the right direction to go.

This issue was brought up before, but was ignored or never clarified.

Also I saw few people talking about how Jingle was easy to implement,
but if I was to implement SIP with the same feature set as Jingle... for
me it would be just as easy. The big question is, will Jingle be as
simple as it is now if all the feature of SIP is packed into Jingle.

Sorry for the long reply, but thanks for listening


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