[Standards-JIG] What is a bad reason to reject a JEP?

Akito Nozaki anpluto at usa.net
Thu Feb 9 16:22:55 UTC 2006

>> 1. Its too hard to implement this JEP in my code.
>> I've seen people complaining about a JEP, because there code isn't setup
>> to do this.
> That is a valid reason. If there's a simpler way to do something, then
> the simpler way should win. It's about KISS.

Responded to this further down the thread...

>> 2. I can't find a free/payed library that implements the JEP.
>> Lot of the latest or bleeding edge stuff will not have a library
>> implementation.
> I don't think that reason has ever come up. A vast majority of the JEPs
> lack implementations. The reason that's so is that the new JEP rate is
> much faster than the new JEP implementation rate.

I'm not here to do finger pointing, but it has come up and has been
discussed. I'm not talking about specifically a JEP, but what is used in
the JEP.


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