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Jean-Louis Seguineau wrote:

> Now for the purpose. Why do we want to negotiate media sessions? Just
> because it's cool? Because we want to re-invent what Skype has done before?
> Because we do not like SIP and we want to re-do what SIP is already doing?
> Because clients' developers want to interoperate with GTalk? [insert your
> own good reason here]

Because end users have been asking for it over the last 3 years and
we've never gotten our act together enough to do something about it?

> I haven't seen anything but vague hints at the real values that XMPP could
> derive from enabling media session negotiation. What benefit can the XMPP
> community derive for this? What benefit can commercial entities supporting
> XMPP derive from this? 
> I personally have only partial answers to this, but I entirely agree that
> asking one self "Does XMPP really need the complex feature set SIP
> provides?" is an excellent starting point. Jingle in its current form (and
> under the umbrella of two commercial entities) has given the community the
> documentation of an existing prototype and the beginning of a return on
> experience. Is this sufficient for a viable robust protocol definition? 

Quite possibly not. Life is about iteration. We work on something, and
maybe it works long-term or maybe it doesn't. 10 years from now people
will look back on half the stuff we've done and think "sheesh, why did
they publish that JEP, it was a bunch of crap". But we experiment and
try things so that someone else can stand on our shoulders in the
future. I realize that's a vague, philosophical answer, but I don't know
that I have a better one. :-)


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