[Standards-JIG] NEW: JEP-0173 (Pubsub Subscription Storage)

Kevin Smith kevin at kismith.co.uk
Fri Feb 10 09:39:33 UTC 2006

On 10 Feb 2006, at 06:27, Nolan Eakins wrote:
> In light of what PSA told me in my presencability thread, I don't  
> think this JEP is needed at all, especially with PEP. Pub/sub  
> requires that the service is in your roster, so it gets presence.  
> So in our currently fanciful world of every JID as a pub/sub  
> service, we can just do:
>    for each roster item:
>        get list of affiliations per 0060 SS 8.1.7 (http:// 
> www.jabber.org/jeps/jep-0060.html#entity-retrieve)

That is a truly horrible waste of network bandwidth though,  
completely unnecessarily flooding the network with stanzas each time  
a client logs in. Additionally (and I haven't read the jep yet, it's  
on my todo for today) we need the changes to be pushed between  
resources, not only polled at login.


Kevin Smith
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Postgraduate Research Student, Computer Science, University Of Exeter

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