[Standards-JIG] NEW: JEP-0173 (Pubsub Subscription Storage)

Nolan Eakins sneakin at semanticgap.com
Fri Feb 10 10:21:18 UTC 2006

Kevin Smith wrote:
> That is a truly horrible waste of network bandwidth though,  completely 
> unnecessarily flooding the network with stanzas each time  a client logs 
> in. Additionally (and I haven't read the jep yet, it's  on my todo for 
> today) we need the changes to be pushed between  resources, not only 
> polled at login.

How often is a client going to check for affiliations? Affils only need 
to be checked when the client is managing those affiliations, and that 
doesn't need to happen every time they start up. Affiliations are 
practically set and forget.

The only problem I see is with PEP where you'll want to be a little 
proactive. A client would have to make a ton of subscription requests 
when that client gains PEP support or a new feature. Subscription 
requests would also need to be sent out when a buddy gains PEP and/or 
new features are added.

Isn't that what capabilities are for? To detect such changes? The 
capabilities would have to be cached to disk or on the server. That 
would probably be better than actually storing a ton of affiliations, 
which could go stale as Bob Wyman pointed out in the last thread about 
this JEP (which I just caught btw).

- Nolan

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