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Peter Saint-Andre wrote:

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>dirk.griffioen at voipster.com wrote:
>>I do agree that both protocols came from a different background,  and
>>secondly that Jingle could learn from the SIP workgroup in what to
>>avoid; but already there is a comment that Jingle is getting to big and
>>is 'overstepping its boundaries'. Are you not afraid this will happen
>>again? And we will end up with a second 250 pages+ protocol description
>>with possible implementation hardship.
>Remember, the SIP spec is 250+ pages essentially without examples. :-) A
>few years ago someone started to write an I-D that tried to explain
>exactly how all the various SIP RFCs could be used to build and deploy
>real-world systems. IIRC his document was 60 pages and most of it said
>Now you could say we're going down the same road in XMPP-land. All these
>damn JEPs, how do you know which ones to use, etc. We could do better in
>this regard (maybe just shut down the JSF entirely, no more JEPs!), but
>at least our long specs have a ton of examples.
This is true (and well appriciated!) - in this light, should I add more?

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