[Standards-JIG] RE: Standards-JIG Digest, Vol 25, Issue 34

Andrew Brunner abrunner at cybercreek.com
Fri Feb 10 22:33:21 UTC 2006

> Jean-Louis
> Because you make money on voice calls, and not on emails.

Not entirely the case anymore.  Not that this is against what you are saying
but I noticed that some ISPs are starting to partner together to charge
money for each email to give delivery priority.

IMO, this only adds another advantage to the mainstream adoption of Jabber.

> This is the single most important revenue source of the telecom era. And
it is not likely to change.

If adoption is as wide as we hope, I wonder how long it will be before
bandwidth providers start to charge extra for VOIP via Jabber streams or
even if its a concern at all.

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