[Standards-JIG] E-Commerce and Patents

Andrew Brunner abrunner at cybercreek.com
Fri Feb 10 22:51:34 UTC 2006

I wanted to bring to the attention the current issue of security with
respect to end users and financial institutions, bill pay and various forms
of e-Commerce.

I want to begin by saying that I envision a future where Jabber is on every
desktop, extending the web experience, and offering session based commerce.
I was recently doing patent searches and noticed that there are patents
being issued to larger outfits.  Patents that leverage claims that may limit
others from obtaining basic utility over Jabber.  Therefore, I wanted to
bring this out in the open to make sure that it's public domain.

Is there an existing JEP or interest in defining what is necessary for a
Jabber Wallet to enable instant bill pay?  I'm thinking (of course if there
is not already) there is a need to extend Jabber to include a way for bills
to be issued and paid.

Bill pay over Jabber would be very beneficial.  I'm thinking we could even
include a JEP for online banking.  Balance transfers, Inquiries and the

Any insight or interest would be greatly appreciated.

Andrew Brunner
CyberCreek LLC

Phone: 919.957.7279

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