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Simon Guindon simon.guindon at tomahawk.ca
Tue Feb 14 19:57:29 UTC 2006

Yup I agree. 
XMPP already has tracking via IQ ID's so really the gateway just has to
store and keep track etc. I like the way you suggest they store, but
really they can store it various ways internally in the gateway however
they please as long as they give the original ID back in the IQ
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My suggestion is that any server JID/endpoint that is proxying stanzas
can rewirte the id to encode enough information to forward to the
correct connect/session.

So -- if we have A->S->B:
* S has a map of 'connection id'->connection/session.  Each incoming
connection gets assigned an id as it connects
* A sends a stanza with id='AAA'
* S rewrites that id as '123:AAA' where 123 is the connection ID and
forwards the stanza to B
* B responds with an error or result to S
* S decodes the id and gets both the connection index and the original
stanza id
* S rewrites the id on the response back to 'AAA' and forwards it on to

Depending on how and where you are using this there may be security
concerns.  S may want to verify that the response is coming from an
expected JID by perhaps keeping a map of communication pairs (so
123->(A,B)).  S may also want to use a cryptographically secure random
number generator to assign the IDs to further prevent spoofing (so that
X can't send a message to A through S).

Because this technique is easy enough to implement, I really don't think
that we need to require the jingle stanza in responses/errors.


On 2/14/06, Peter Saint-Andre <stpeter at jabber.org> wrote: 

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	In XMPP, you track packets based on the 'id' attribute. However,
	are generated by a client. If an intermediary (such as Asterisk)
	to keep track of all the Jingle traffic flowing around, it may
	something more advanced. Many Jingle-related stanzas include a
	child element with a session ID ('sid') attribute. However, that
	not normally apply to IQ-results and IQ-errors because RFC 3920
	it's optional to include the original child element(s) when
sending IQ
	stanzas of type "result" and "error". While it might be nice for
	intermediaries to have that 'sid' on each and every stanza, it
would get 
	quite verbose. I think we probably have the 'sid' on the packets
	matter, but discussion is welcome from implementors on the
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