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Simon simon at nureality.ca
Wed Feb 15 00:10:08 UTC 2006

I guess my question is:

Is it possible for stanza's to be out of order? No need to discuss / propose alternatives if its not a possibility.
If it is possible, sounds like something that needs to be addressed.

Take care,
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  Matthew O'Gorman wrote: 
    but this isnt always something you can do early, it is a realtime event, end user presses one so that the other end can send you on in the ivr. however i dont see how you could have them come out of order as the other end is most likely waiting for said dtmf

  This seems to assume that all DTMF exchanges are just one digit..

  You get to an IVR prompt:  "How many widgets would you like to buy?".  You dial "109".  If each digit is a separate stanza, and the stanzas are not guaranteed to arrive in order, the other end may receive "901", and you're going to wonder why you get 792 more widgets than you asked for!


    On 2/14/06, Jean-Louis Seguineau <jean-louis.seguineau at laposte.net > wrote: 
      There is certainly no guarantee that separate stanzas will reach their 
      target in the proper order. But we may just group entire DTMF tone sequence
      in one single stanza. Then we have a better chance to get them in the proper

              <iq from=' juliet at capulet.com' to='voicemail.shakespeare.lit'
                <jingle xmlns='http://jabber.org/protocol/jingle'
                        initiator='romeo at montague.net/orchard'
                  <dtmf xmlns=' http://jabber.org/protocol/jingle/info/audio'>
                   <tone code='1234'/>
                   <tone code='5678' duration=100'/>

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      I'm an advocate of doing it over XMPP because I think this makes the
      Jingle gateway more flexible, especially in the sense of other protocols
      that may not support DTMF, which allows the jabber client to still 
      navigate IVR's.

      One example comes to mind, lets pretend protocol X gets a jingle
      gateway, and there is a voicemail service running on the server. Even a
      non-DTMF capable protocol can now navigate IVR's.

      On the flip side, I get a bit skeptical as well after thinking a bit
      about Joe's thoughts. Can the INFO packets ever come out of order?

      Also on the flip side.What in the case of a sip phone calling this
      jingle gateway to check voicemail. The jingle gateway will need to 
      handle SIP's DTMF and pass the INFO messages to the voicemail "server
      component" which speaks Jingle.

      What are everyones thoughts? I hope I was clear what I was meaning to
      get across.

      Thanks and take care, 

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