[Standards-JIG] RE: Does Jingle need DTMF (was Jingle: DTMF)

Simon Guindon simon.guindon at tomahawk.ca
Wed Feb 15 14:59:38 UTC 2006

Good morning Jean-Louis,

Let's think of Jingle outside of client to client.  A servers "jabber
clients" will not only be speaking to other jabber clients but also
IVR's on the PBX and also regular phones in the POTS realm.

Let's say for example you have a Jingle client which calls a gateway
that interfaces to POTS and you hit a voice menu system. That voice menu
system only knows DTMF. 

Our discussions are only on the Jingle side of things, once the gateway
receives the INFO or however decided apon data, it will then have to
send out a regular DTMF that existing phone systems can handle etc. If
you call best buy and the menu comes up "press 1 for sales in the
television department, press 2 for sales in the computer department" we
must send those tones out. To do so we must signal the gateway we want
to press 1 or 2 etc.

Now on that note it's the gateway's responsibility to convert the Jingle
signal to whatever DTMF format that gateway is gatewaying to.

So yes in my opinion I think DTMF is required if Jingle is to interface
properly to existing legacy phone systems.

Thanks and take care,

Simon Guindon
Tomahawk Technologies Inc.
simon.guindon at tomahawk.ca

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I guess my question is do we need DTMF in Jingle?

I am under the impression DTMF was created in the first place to allow
commands to be exchanged in bad in the POTS world. And these commands
had to be dialed using a phone keypad. The use of DTMF in the analog
phone world, or even its circuit oriented digital version makes perfect
sense. But do we need DTMF support in Jingle?

1/ In a P2P scenario, if DTMF is used against another device, this
device must support DTMF. If this device has an RTP media stream
established with a Jingle enabled client, DTMF is sent in the media
stream. Jingle is not involved.

2/ In a GW scenario, when the gateway is a signaling gateway, then it
supports the Jingle signaling, and we do not need DTMF on the jingle
side, but a structured way to pass the commands. If the gateway then
uses DTMF to transfer the commands to the remote party, this is up to
the gateway to provide the DTMF generation. But the gateway may also use
other mechanisms such as SIP or CSTA to convey the same commands.

3/ In a GW scenario, when the gateway is a media gateway, then it
supports RTP to be Jingle compliant. If device has an RTP media stream
established with the gateway, DTMF is sent in the media stream. Jingle
is not involved.

Am I missing anything here? That we include in Jingle some way to pass
commands to another party (PBX, IVR, etc...) makes perfect sense, but
does it has to be DTMF? Can't we just use a more structured approach?


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