[Standards-JIG] Jingle: DTMF

Matthew O'Gorman ogorman at gmail.com
Wed Feb 15 18:04:49 UTC 2006

one your gateway could just convert the xmpp to dtmf, much like asterisk
does or any other sip to pstn gateway, and two there is no reason to support
multiple dtmf formats for one protocol, you might as well just pick one that
works the best.

On 2/15/06, Pedro Melo <melo at co.sapo.pt> wrote:
> On Feb 15, 2006, at 5:34 PM, Thomas Charron wrote:
> >   Let's not forget that DTMF *WAS CREATED* to get around a total
> > LACK of any sort of supplimental signaling over phone lines.  We
> > now have this.  Why not use it?
> Because old style PSTN will not support it ever? And for those who is
> vital to interop with them, this is not an option?
> For PSTN integration I really don't see any other option except RTP-
> based one. At least in our environment, a telco.
> About other protocols: I think that it's great to have standards for
> signaling other protocols. I just don't see the need to be inside the
> jingle spec.
> If my Jingle buddy, via a gateway, has a JID X, I can disco JID X,
> find out support for "Electric Chair Protocol", and use the
> appropriate JEP to signal my pain to him. Why do I need to put this
> inside Jingle?
> Same goes for DTMF even: I disco my jingle buddy, the gateway
> responds with "DTMF-over-XMPP" protocol, and you follow that JEP,
> probably with a <message> of some sort.
> Really, XMPP already does this. I'm probably missing something, but
> why do we want to put this inside Jingle?
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