[Standards-JIG] Jingle: DTMF

Pedro Melo melo at co.sapo.pt
Wed Feb 15 19:12:28 UTC 2006


On Feb 15, 2006, at 6:04 PM, Matthew O'Gorman wrote:

> one your gateway could just convert the xmpp to dtmf, much like  
> asterisk does or any other sip to pstn gateway,


> and two there is no reason to support multiple dtmf formats for one  
> protocol, you might as well just pick one that works the best.

True, but my question still stand: why do it inside jingle? If you  
are using XMPP, why not writing a standalone JEP for this? with  
proper disco support et al, so that clients can discover if the other  
party support such protocols?

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