[Standards-JIG] Re: MUC traffic issues

Alexander Gnauck gnauck at ag-software.de
Sun Feb 19 21:26:53 UTC 2006

David Sutton schrieb:
> Hello Alexander,
>   Before you go too far with this, I would STRONGLY advise moving this
>   into its own JEP. JEP-0045 was designed as a next generation
>   'groupchat' protocol, using lessons learned from groupchat and another
>   conference protocol that was being trialed at the time. For what it
>   is, a simple system for multiple people to communicate together, it is
>   great and does precisely that. What everyone seems to be wanting is
>   the next generation, more of a MMO MUC implementation, and that has
>   its own requirements that lose the simplicity of our current JEP.

of course this must be a own JEP. I only took MUC to address this issue 
because its the most common component distributing stanzas one -> many.
Its the same with presence over s2s, pubsub and other protocols.

>   If you are wanting many users on many servers, then one thing you may
>   want to look at is something like a broadcast component that lives on
>   each server - the conference server would send out the message to each
>   broadcaster that had registered with it, and it would then send to all
>   the people on that server who were in the room. This alone would
>   reduce traffic to the single conference node.

exactly, that is what we need to reduce load, cpu and bandwidth on big 
servers for better xmpp scaling.


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