[Standards-JIG] Confusing typo at www.xmpp.org/xmppimpl.html

Joe Hildebrand hildjj at gmail.com
Sun Feb 19 22:13:08 UTC 2006

Well, at least RFC 3921 is correct... :)

On Feb 18, 2006, at 7:04 AM, Clemens Lucas Fries wrote:

> Hello,
> the folks at jdev at conference.jabber.org told me that I ought to write
> this mailing-list an email about the typo I found at
> http://www.xmpp.org/xmppimpl.html#priority
> It's a small one but it's at least one that might get people confused.
> It says "The allowable range for presence priorities is -127 to +128."
> while it should say "The allowable range for presence priorities is  
> -128
> to +127.".
> Not that someone goes right ahead and multiplies a signed byte by  
> -1 or
> the like ;)
> Thanks in advance (and for the great XMPP standard, of course)
>  Clemens Lucas Fries

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