[Standards-JIG] Defining IAX transport over jingle

Antonio Cano damas antonio at igestec.com
Mon Feb 20 11:49:54 UTC 2006


I'm working for the audio/video component into the Coccinella client.
At first this started like a simple phone for Asterisk
 using IAX wich results really simple, lightweight and goes nice.

After see that iax can support P2P calls, We decided to take a step
forward and then was when comes the first version of jingle,
We started to think how to make IAX and jingle mixed but this was
a little difficult under our point of view (Signalling and Media goes
 but appear the 0.2 version and now we have a new approach that
could fit fine for the mix with a transport.

My problem is that I'm really new to all this XMMP world and some
concepts aren't really clear.

I understand that for defining the How (transport) for IAX, we need at
   Version: IAX or IAX2
   Public ip, could be discover using a simple call to STUN.
   Port, returned by IAX lib.
   Secure flag, by now the protocol doesn't implement TSL or any
encrypt method for media but they are working on this.

With this info the client can make a direct call to his friend who has
to implements the IAX stack too.

I don't think that the media is needed, because once the peers know
how to be in contact, the iax protocol stack make this for us.

Following this thoughts and after some reading of the jingle specs I
could say that transport has to be in this way:

    <description xmlns='http:/jabber/protocol/jingle/transport/iax'>

Is that correct? Someone told me that this is for registry definition,
How I have to define transport for jingle?

Other doubt I've got is related to extended presence. You define into
Jingle-audio, but I understand that this is common stuff
for all transports and has to be into jingle 0166, because What happen
if I don't implement the audio spec or
if I need a future video instead of audio?

And one more doubt related to presence, You defined like an IQ and
this messages are sended when someone ask for they.
They have to be defined like message or presence extension, haven't they?

Please keep in mind that I'm new to all this, I've got a lot of
unclear ideas and I'm not able to defend if iax is
better than jingle-audio or sip signallings.

Thanks for all.

Take care,
    Antonio F. Cano

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