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Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Wed Feb 22 03:28:19 UTC 2006

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Well, to address Bob's requirement the uber-message sent from pubsub.com
to jabber.org for all his mythical subscribers there would also need to
include pubsub SubIDs. So conceptually it would need to look like this:

<message from='pubsub.com' to='jabber.org'>
    <address to='sub1 at jabber.org' subid='foo'>
    ... lots more addresses here! ...
    ... pubsub-event-with-payload-here ...

But right now there's no way to include the SubIDs or other info on a
per-address basis, unless we put a SHIM header in each <address/>
element (possible, I suppose, but potentially icky).


Nolan Eakins wrote:
> I just wanted to point out that Extended Stanza Addressing would fill
> this broadcast need. The actual JEP is written with this need in mind.
> - Nolan
> Bob Wyman wrote:
>> Alexander Gnauck wrote:
>>> I only took MUC to address this issue because its the most common
>>> component distributing stanzas one -> many. Its the same with
>>> presence over s2s, pubsub and other protocols.
>>     As I recently mentioned in another message, at PubSub.com we often
>> see individual messages that match 10's of thousands of subscriptions.
>> If we
>> were to support S2S, we would be pumping many, many duplicate copies of
>> messages across the S2S connection just so that we could get the
>> addressing
>> information to the other servers -- the copied message bodies would be a
>> pure waste of bandwidth. If we could prepare a single message which
>> had just
>> one copy of the message attached to a list of all the addresses and
>> subids
>> that should get a copy of the message, we would save massive amounts of
>> bandwidth. (The messages that we send are much larger than traditional
>> MUC
>> messages -- our messages range from a few hundred bytes to a few hundred
>> thousand bytes. Thus, the savings are significant.)
>>     bob wyman
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