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Steve Smith wrote:
> Hi,
> I'd like to pull MUC back into the discussion of SPPS/PEP ...
> StPeter has already proposed[1] a simple access-model for MUC rooms
> based on membership, which seems fine to me.  However one thing is
> bothering me: how is information published to the MUC node?  Given
> room at conference.example.com, we would ideally like the owner and
> (possibly) moderators of that room to be able to publish to that room's
> PEP nodes.  However that requires multiple publishers (as the owner JID
> is not the same as the room JID), which is explicitly dropped in PEP.
> One possibility that occurs to me is to have the MUC room create Pubsub
> nodes with the appropriate permissions, and the corresponding PEP nodes
> hand back a 'redirect' stanza (similar to a HTTP 301).  (This is
> necessary as the Pubsub address-space is essentially random.)
> Thoughts?

Well, PEP is "personal eventing protocol", notice the first "P". :-)

My initial thought is that we might want to define a separate pubsub
profile for MUC, rather than using PEP. It might be quite similar to
PEP, but different in several respects (such as allowing multiple
owners/publishers) since MUC rooms are different in kind from user accounts.

Naturally that raises the question: what the heck are these pubsub
profiles and how are they to be defined? Good question. No answer yet.
It's possible we might want to define some guidelines for that in a
future version of JEP-0060 or in a separate document.


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