[Standards-JIG] Defining IAX transport over jingle

Simon Guindon simon.guindon at tomahawk.ca
Wed Feb 22 16:30:12 UTC 2006

I'm not an expert at IAX but basically IAX can authenticate and log into
Asterisk, similar in a way how jabber clients authenticate and log into
a XMPP server.

So when you log into the Asterisk server via IAX (I believe you can do
so with SIP even) with a username/password, you can have voicemail,
extensions, phone numbers assigned to your username.

The Asterisk server has a dialplan, which says when you dial XX number,
it goes to X device or user. So for example my account simon, might have
an extension 250. Anyone who is logged into the Asterisk server who
dials 250 will ring my IAX softphone. Think like your office phone

I would really like some Asterisk/IAX experts feedback on this.
Currently I have a Jabber client which logs into both XMPP and Asterisk
via IAX. So I do not need to do p2p with who I am calling if they are
available via Asterisk because Asterisk can handle all the routing and
Jingle doesn't need really any negotiation besides telling me which # to

Can anyone chime in on this please?

Thanks and take care,

Simon Guindon
Tomahawk Technologies Inc.
simon.guindon at tomahawk.ca

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Simon Guindon wrote:
> I would also like to be included in the IAX discussions. I think IAX
> should be pretty easy to implement but at the same time a bit
> I've thought about it quite a lot in the last while going through the
> DTMF thread and I'm a bit confused as to how we are going to separate
> IAX calling peers, and IAX calling Asterisk.

Does it matter? All Jingle says is "here is how to negotiate a session
with another party" -- the parties could be two clients, a client and a
server, two servers, etc.

> In a regular case where IAX is used in the same manner as Jingle Audio
> (p2p) maybe we need less data (codecs etc) but we need an IP the same
> Jingle Audio to connect to. But in the case of IAX using Asterisk,
> everything is basically extensions. In this case the call gets routed
> via Asterisk and not a Jingle gateway. 

So we might need p2p-iax and pbx-iax or whatever?

> Perhaps just adding a <extension> tag to the Jingle stanza is enough
> I'm not sure.

I'm not familiar with the IAX protocol, so I need to read up on that...


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