[Standards-JIG] Re: proto-JEP: Metacontact Storage

Remko Troncon remko at el-tramo.be
Fri Feb 24 16:16:04 UTC 2006

> Could you describe this in more detail? It's not clear to me (1) what
> the 'account' attribute identifies and (2) what account merging is.

'Account merging' means that you show all contacts of all accounts in one
flat list (like Gaim does, unlike what Psi does).

Say you have an account on jabber.org and one on gmail.com. If you have a
user 'stpeter at jabber.org' on one server, and 'stpeter at gmail.com' on the other,
you want to put them in one metacontact. This metacontact crosses the account
boundary (the contacts are on different accounts). So, the only way to
store your metacontacts would be to choose one 'master' account which contains 
the metacontact data, and with that data the annotation of what other account
the contact belongs to. It's not clean IMO (what if there are 2 masters,
how to choose the master, ...), but i think there's no other way out.

My question is: why does a metacontact need a JID ? Shouldn't it just
group JIDs together in an ordered list ?


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