[Standards-JIG] Re: Re: proto-JEP: Metacontact Storage

Le Boulanger Yann asterix at lagaule.org
Fri Feb 24 18:20:59 UTC 2006

Etan Reisner wrote:
> On Fri, 24 Feb 2006, Remko Troncon wrote:
>>> I assume the idea is that clients will merge contacts only when they
>>> appear in the same group (this should be documented either way).
>> I wouldn't assume this. It is not the case in my roster, I like to
>> keep my group division for my different accounts. This subgroup 'hack' 
>> has
>> been thought of before, and I really don't like it (many of us don't
>> even like the subgroup JEP in itself due to the delimiter).
> How do you create a metacontact out of contacts that are in different 
> groups? What group do you show them in?
> Which subgroup 'hack' are you referring to here? And like I said I'm not 
> a fan of putting meaningful needs-parsing information into the group 
> name either. I'd much sooner use metacontact tags but that isn't 
> possible in the roster currently (and could easily lead to very large 
> roster entreis which would be bad).
>> The tag scheme could work, though. When you add a contact A to another
>> contact B, you give it the tag of the contact. If it didn't have a tag,
>> generate a new unique one, and assign it to both contacts. This doesn't
>> require a master server, and works with any combination of your accounts.
>> Or did i miss something ?
> Yes, we could just replace the 'parent' with this unique tag, but I'm 
> not sure how much I like the fact that this private storage space is 
> going to get very large rather quickly. It would seem to me that the 
> most useful method which requires the least extra space is what we want 
> to be looking for. Which is a very real benefit to the group name 
> mangling idea, the tags are small compared to the full size of the 
> private stanzas we would need to create for the same purpose.

The problem with this implementation is that if in a same group of 
contact you have 2 contacts from 2 different servers, you'll need to 
duplicate the private storage XML on both server. Moreover if you add a 
contact to this group while you're offline on one of those server, both 
info will differe.


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