[Standards-JIG] FW: Jingle - P2P and PBX calls

Nolan Eakins sneakin at semanticgap.com
Wed Jan 4 20:06:12 UTC 2006

Steve Kann wrote:
> One question you addressed below was DTMF support:  Firstly, you're not 
> strictly correct about IAX:  In IAX, there is only one proper way to 
> transport DTMF, and that is as DTMF IAX frames:  It is not proper to 
> send them in-band as audio tones.  With SIP/RTP, there's several 
> different methods in use;  I don't think jingle-audio defines a 
> signaling path for DTMF; that might be something useful.

My idea for DTMF signals was just to send a chat message that contained 
numbers, pounds, and/or asterisks. If I'm making a call to my land line 
(123-555-1234) to check my answering machine through an XMPP to SIP or 
IAX gateway, 1235551234 at pbx.example.com, and needed to send a DTMF "1", 
I would send a message whose body was a "1". The gateway would handle 
the actual tone generation or whatever the gatewayed protocol used.

So this would look like:
   * Start a jingle call to my land line, 1235551234 at pbx.example.com
   * My land line prompts for a 4 digit DTMF password
   * I send:
       <message to="1235551234 at pbx.example.com">
   * The gateway pbx.example.com generates the tones or gatewayed 
protocol elements corresponding to "2325", my password, and sends them 
along. The gateway may also mix in the tones into the audio stream I 
receive too so I know they were generated.

A side benefit is that if the gatewayed protocol can also send textual 
representations of the menu or prompt, then the gateway can send a 
message that contains the menu or prompt. My client would display this 
in a chat window, and it would be like interacting with a typical bot on 
the Jabber network.

I'd leave it up to the client implementors whether they want to include 
a GUI keypad or not. I'd prefer seeing a voice call handled in the same 
window as a chat though.

- Nolan

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